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About the BLK-Sandy School

Long 6 Heel Palm

The Sandy location of Bobby Lawrence Karate has been in existence for 21 years. We have been proud to be part of the Sandy community and we are proud to be part of your team.

Master Ruano has been fortunate to train under Master Lawrence for 31 years. We are a Black Belt School and all of our programs lead to Black Belt and Leadership.

Our philosophy is to teach Leadership skills such as focus, concentration, respect, self-control, discipline how to set and attain goals by using the martial arts and achieve a fantastic workout, while learning to defend ourselves.

We have karate programs for:

Little Ninjas – 4 to 7 years of age

Karate for Little Ninjas
A fun and energetic program that improves focus, self discipline and self control while at the same time developing coordination, respect and listening skills.

Juniors – 7 to 12 years of age

Karate for Juniors
This program develops and improves concentration, respect and self control. It teaches the student how to deal with bullies, to set and attain goals and avoid evil strangers. It gives the student a mental and physical workout that a video game can’t offer.

Teens & Adults

Karate for Teens & Adults
This program combines and improves focus, self control, confidence, self defense and exercise. It helps build strength and endurance while at the same time developing the benefits of relaxation and flexibility through meditation and stretching.


Karate Seminars
We give seminars on topics such as:

  • Stranger Danger
  • School Talks on Goal Setting
  • How to Defeat the Bully
  • Respect
  • Women’s Self Defense
  • Family Home Safety

Camps, Birthday Parties & Demonstrations

Karate themed Birthday Party
We give Karate Summer Camps and Mini Camps throughout the year. We give Birthday Parties and have an award winning demonstration team that is available to perform. We have two to three Black Belt Extravaganzas and tournaments every year.

So Please feel free to give us a call at (801)565-1954 or e-mail us at blktcsandy@aol.com. I’m sure we have something of interest for you. We make learning fun and would be proud to be part of your team.

Also, check us out at The Official BLK Website